If you missed any this week, here are the answers to the Morning Mindbenders on the Rock and Fox Show.

Monday 2/11

Question: Numbers on this are expected to go up over 400 percent this summer, what are we talking about?

Answer: Backyard weddings.

Tuesday 2/12

Question: The average SouthCoast man is willing to invest more than 30 minutes of his day for this?

Answer: Drive to a specific restaurant for a good meal.

Wednesday 2/13

Question: The average person has this happen to them roughly 20 times every hour, what is it?

Answer: They are tracked by their smartphone.

Thursday 2/14

Question:  More people are doing this today for Valentine’s Day than ever before, what is it?

Answer: Buying their pet a valentine day gift.

Friday 2/15

Question: Women do this half as much as men do, what is it?

Answer: Sweat.


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