We've known this was coming, right? I mean, ever since Gronk's retirement, he has teased about potentially jumping into the wrestling ring.

According to TheWrap, it's really happening and as soon as next week's live televised Smackdown event on March 20.

The assumption is that Gronk will somehow get involved in something leading up to Wrestlemania on April 5, and the rumors are that he'll be in the ring as a competitor by the time SummerSlam comes to Boston on August 23.

But do we – and by we, I mean New England Patriots fans – want to see Gronk getting tossed around in a wrestling ring and potentially get injured? No, we don't. Honestly, I put stock in the rumors that Rob dropped serious hints during the Super Bowl festivities that he wouldn't rule out a return to the Patriots during a playoff season (if they make it that far).

We're all probably thinking the same thing: what about this coronavirus? Will the Smackdown event even happen for fear of the massive crowds? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, it's not happening. When Gronk does jump inside that ring, you know it's going to be Gronk style and very entertaining, for sure.

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