A psycho-thriller film is coming to Lifetime at the end of this year, and thanks to a local production company, the Rhode Island landscape will be the backdrop to this sinister storyline.

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The Movie Coming to Lifetime

Chad Verdi, one of the producers of the film, shared some insight on the latest project from  Hyperborea Films.

“As of right now, the film is called Seclusion and was approved by Lifetime,” he said. “It’s a psycho-thriller…there’s a lot of whodunnit kind of things and you don’t really know what’s going on until the very end.”

Friday was the last day of shooting for the project, and what better way to wrap up shooting than with “the party scene.”

The Setting

Hawaiian décor, colorful drinks, and birthday presents set the scene for a fun shoot at a multi-million-dollar home in Jamestown, Rhode Island owned by Amy Barclay.

Maddie Levine/Townsquare Media
Maddie Levine/Townsquare Media

The shoot was taking place in what was originally the home’s sailboat garage, but thanks to Barclay’s eye for design, it was transformed into a charming living space, making it the perfect setting for Seclusion.

Other Filming Locations

Before the film crew hunkered down in Jamestown, they were in North Kingstown at another property owned by Barclay. They also took advantage of the Park Theatre Café in Cranston, as well as Durfee’s True Value Hardware store, where they got a drop-in visit from Cranston Mayor Kenneth Hopkins.

The Story Behind Hyperborea Films and Verdi Productions

“My father started Verdi productions almost fifteen years ago,” said Verdi. “He started out around 2008 and quickly learned you can’t just produce a high-quality film right away.”

Verdi’s father spent the next few years developing Verdi Productions and creating a successful resume, which eventually led him to work alongside Martin Scorcese.

Scorcese and Verdi would go on to produce Bleed for This in 2014, the incredible true story of Providence boxer Vinny Pazienza, played by Miles Teller.

“This all started with a passion project to make Vinny Pazz’s life story,” said Verdi. “After that, he was able to turn it into a successful film business.”

And eventually, it allowed Verdi to develop Hyperborea films as a subsidiary of Verdi Productions.

Carving Out a Slice of Hollywood in Rhode Island

As the projects continue to grow and evolve, Verdi and his fellow producer, Paul Luba, aim to make Rhode Island a hub for film production and inspiring actors.

“A lot of our crew started as interns and the majority are all from Rhode Island and the surrounding areas,” said Luba. “We’re all about building up the talent that is already here.”

“Our hope is to get involved with students and schools to really build a foundation for film in Rhode Island,” said Verdi.

In a span of five months, this local crew has worked on four films, all headed for Lifetime.

It may be a little state, but it’s packed with big talent.

Keep scrolling for behind-the-scenes shots taken on the set of Seclusion, coming to Lifetime later this year, written by Amy Wade and directed by Tommy Denucci.

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A psycho-thriller film is coming to Lifetime at the end of this year, and the Rhode Island landscape will be the backdrop to this sinister storyline. Maddie Levine got a chance to sneak onto set and capture some behind-the-scenes moments.

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