The internet continues to stretch the boundaries of the imagination. There's a new platform for women who have been scorned. is dedicated to exposing women who have lured married men away from their families. It is a website dedicated to sex, lies, and deceit...exactly the kind of website that's sure to become popular as we turn the calendar to 2014.

I had never heard of the website before ABC's Good Morning America rebroadcast parts of a segment that aired the previous night on Nightline. After visiting the site myself I was left with a few questions.

1. Is this healthy? Some say revenge is sweet, but is posting pictures and writing a hate filled manifesto about the woman who stole your husband going to help you? Maybe, but I'm not sure. Granted, I've never been in that situation, but I just wonder if airing it all out on the internet will make you feel better.

2. Is it dangerous? If you read through many of the comments about the homewreckers contain a lot of anger. The posts talk about where these people live. How long is it before violence is sparked from this website?

3. What about the husbands? The website seems to give them a free pass? The cheating husband wasn't an innocent bystander in this whole series of events.

I did notice that the website has launched a spinoff website called "" for men who have lost their wives to other men. You can watch the Nightline report below.

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