An 86-year-old woman has spend six figures and seven years living on the Cruise line, Crystal Serenity.Before Lee Wachtsetter's husband passed away in 1997, he told her to 'never stop cruising' since they both loved it so much. Years later, Lee took her husband's advice and has already spend seven years living on her favorite cruise.  According to Buzzfeed, Lee has sold her Florida home and permanently moved onto the luxury liner.  She has been on more than 283 cruises since 1962.

Lee, also known as Mama Lee by crew members, has spent $164,000 a year to live on the ship.  All of her money goes to her single seventh deck stateroom, her meals and nightly ballroom dancing.  She attends cocktail parties, movies, lectures and any other form of entertainment the ship offers.

“The crew members bend over backwards to keep me happy.  Some are almost like family now. If they don’t have what I want, they get it.  Even if they have to buy it off the ship or make it to my specific needs.” said Lee.

The Crystal Serenity is the second ship she has lived on before that, she spent 3 years on Holland America.  Lee loves to dance and since Holland America cancelled their dancing program, she picked up her bags and went straight to another cruise liner.

She has been to over 100 countries and now doesn’t have to leave the ship anymore since she's visited so many places, but her favorite is walking through the streets of Istanbul.  And though she seems to love her life at sea, Lee has stated the hardest part about living on a ship is that she is away from her children and grandchildren but still visits them whenever they dock in Miami.

Now that sounds like a great way to spend your retirement!

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