If you love the ocean and want to get the full fledged sleeping on the water experience, you could rent out an actual lighthouse in the ocean to stay in for the weekend.  Yes it's true!

In fact, there are many of them right here on the Southcoast and all across New England. I stumbled onto a website that displays the best lighthouses to pick from and was able to get right inside these beasts on the ocean to see for myself what they look like inside. I was amazed!


New England Lighthouses has the full list with many within a short drive from the New Bedford/Fall River area and one in particular, that is right here in Swansea; the Borden Flats Lighthouse.  I have driven over the Braga Bridge a million times and I know the lighthouse is there but did I think it was fully furnished and decorated and able to be rented out to stay in?  No, never!

Check out the inside of this lighthouse!


There are several different lighthouses in New England that rent out to folks looking to stay there.  Find them here!

#lighthousefeels ⚓️

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