We're seeing more and more of this lately in the world of sports, and I'm not a fan.  Sports and politics are being mixed. Something that is supposed to be an escape from the big, bad, ugly world, is starting to get infected by the political divide.  T

ake this tweet by renowned sports columnist, Peter Gammons. It calls Fenway fans "Neanderthals" (I believe that's what he misspelled) because we chant "Yankees Suck" at games. Even worse, he compares Red Sox fans to people who "demean female assault victims."

Ummmm, excuse me? How on Earth could you make a leap like that? Are you truly suggesting that because we've enjoyed toying with A-Rod, Jeter, Judge and Stanton that we are Neanderthals that support violence against women? How ridiculous is that?

And what of the WOMEN who chant Yankees Suck at Fenway Park? If we are to believe Peter Gammons, they too support violence against themselves.

Let's calm down. "Yankees Suck" is nothing more than a chant, albeit a juvenile chant, that has been the rallying call of the Red Sox since the peak of the Curse. Don't forget, this chant really started to come into play before any of the modern day World Series banners were hung at Fenway. The Sox were the underdogs, and the Yankees were the Evil Empire.

"Yankees Suck" had nothing to do to with any political movement, and it never did. It's harmless.

To suggest anything else waters down actual incidents that demean women. There are plenty of those real-life examples to go around, Peter Gammons. We don't need to be fabricating them and inserting them into our sports sanctuary.


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