The footage of NFL star Ray Rice hitting and knocking out his fiance in an elevator has been released, and so has Ray Rice.

Previously, the public only had access to a video of Rice dragging his unconscious fiance out of the elevator, causing some speculation about the NFL only suspending the Baltimore Ravens Running Back for only two games.

In the new video, Rice and his now wife, Janay Palmer, get into an intense argument before getting in the elevator. Once inside, the argument continued as Palmer seemed to elbow Rice, with him taking a swipe back. As Palmer walks up to Rice to perhaps retaliate, he lands a solid punch with Palmer hitting her head on a railing as she fell to the ground.

Now that the video showing what happened inside the elevator, the Baltimore Ravens immediately terminated their star player's contract and the NFL has suspended Rice from the league indefinitely.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, known for his harsh punishments to players and other NFL personnel in the past, openly admitted that the measly two game suspension to Rice was a mistake.

The NFL instated a new policy on domestic abuse after the Rice suspension was handed down. In the new rules, any employee of the NFL that is charged in a domestic abuse case will face a suspension up to six games for the first offense, and a mandatory lifetime ban for a second.

The new rules state that any previous incidents won't count toward the new suspensions and possible bans, however it seems they've made an exception for Rice. Players who receive a lifetime ban can appeal the expulsion, which will be judged case by case, with an appeal from Rice expected to come soon.

The video of the incident show below is quite disturbing, so please be aware. 

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