It has been an uphill battle for WaterFire Providence, but the new season is finally coming to downtown. After COVID-19 shutdowns and several funding issues, the necessary money has been secured and a short, but sweet season is coming our way.

Of course, many people were disappointed by the news at that WaterFire wouldn't be happening until fall, but I for one was still very excited – maybe even more so. That's because to me, fall has always been the best time to see WaterFire, especially if you have kids.

Here are all the reasons why I love a fall WaterFire.

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The sun sets earlier.

I am not a night owl by any means. Leaving my house after 8 p.m. and staying out late are not my favorite things, so when the sun starting setting around 7 p.m. in September, I love it. That means things that happen after dark, like WaterFire, can happen earlier and I don't have to feel like I'm staying out all night. Not to mention being able to take the kids without destroying the bedtime routine.

There are less tourists.

Summer months are the most popular months for travel and vacation. So that has always been another plus about the fall WaterFire events. Many happen after the kids are back in school, so tourists are less likely to make the trip for these events leaving them a little less crowded and better seats for relaxing while watching the fires are available.

The nights are cool and comfortable.

If you ask me sitting my a fire on a hot, humid summer night is no fun. I'll take a crisp, fall night fire any day. Another huge plus to the fall fire's burning is the night's are a lot more comfortable for walking around the city.

There are more meaningful fire nights.

When the fall WaterFire events come around they are tied to occasions that are bigger than themselves. There has typically been a breast cancer awareness night in October and a salute to veterans in November, both things bigger than WaterFire itself to shine a light on.

You can enjoy dinner and WaterFire at once.

This relates to my number one reason, but again the late starting summer WaterFires make it hard to do dinner and the event without either eating after 8 P.M. or wandering for hours after dinner waiting for the fires to light. A 7 P.M. or earlier lighting makes it a perfect dinner and fire-gazing date night.

So if you ask me, this shortened 2021 WaterFire Providence Schedule is perfect. But for those who love a summer night in the city too, 2022 will be here before you know it.

Providence WaterFire Schedule 2021

The 2021 WaterFire schedule kicks off on Labor Day weekend. Saturday, September 4 will feature a full lighting thanking COVID-19 heroes and essential workers.

Thursday September 9, Saturday September 18 and Friday September 24 will all feature partial lightings in the city.

Saturday October 2 and Saturday October 16 will be full lightings.

Wednesday October 27 will be a partial lighting to celebrate the event's 25th anniversary.

Saturday November 6 will be the Ninth Annual Salute to Veterans full lighting.

Saturday December 4 will be a partial lighting as WaterFire Celebrates the Holidays.

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