It's been a long and busy past couple of months, but the Providence Rugby Clothes Drive was a huge success, all thanks to the generosity of the SouthCoast and Rhode Island.

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There are no words to truly describe my love for my rugby family, and to see everyone come together to gather donations and work as a team simply sweetens the feeling.

Organized by Amanda Meli, a Fall River resident and player liaison for the women's team, the board members and team players met up on Saturday morning, September 26, to load up a U-Haul to take over to Savers for drop off.

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I spent every available second I had all last week driving up and down and all around the SouthCoast, picking up donations and clothes from locals, and I will be the first to tell you that the benevolence from everyone was overwhelmingly incredible.

As we arrived at the U-Haul location, we began loading up the moving van and packed it to the brim, only to realize that we were going to need a bigger truck. As a matter of fact, we ended up packing three vans total with the help of Fun 107 and The Friends of Jack Foundation, which allowed us to use the company vans to transport the bags of clothes.

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Once the vans were once again unloaded and the bags were stacked in piles to be weighed out, we were shocked at the final tally. The total amount of clothes weighed in at 4,400 pounds. That's equivalent to 2.2 tons of donations, all from those who decided to give a little to help with the much bigger picture.

To all who donated to our clothes drive, the Providence Rugby Football Club thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. Your contributions did not go unnoticed.

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