Big news from the palace this morning! Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first baby!  Boy or girl, the baby will be heir to the throne.

The news broke this morning after the Duchess was admitted to the hospital with "morning sickness" symptoms.  There's no word about how far along the Duchess is in her pregnancy, but there was an indication that she hasn't yet reached 12 weeks.

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby," the palace said in a statement today. "The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are delighted with the news.

The royal couple have finally quenched the British demand for Kate to become pregnant, but the new question shifts to the business of the throne. Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Either way, the baby will be the queen's third great grandchild. And, due to major changes in the rules of succession, the baby will be heir to the throne whether it's a boy or girl.

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