Nothing like spending a Saturday night in the dark. Today was pretty muggy, so I was looking forward to just relaxing in an air-conditioned room watching some T.V., but I guess life had a different direction for me.

All the lights just went out in a flash. It's always at the perfect time too, we were taking our son out of the tub in pitch dark blackness. Now the survival instincts kick in, what do I do now with no electricity? Can't watch T.V., no A/C for this house, and everything else relies on some sort of power source. What am I going to do, read a book by candlelight? Don't think so.

This makes me think about the first settlers who landed here back in the 1600's. What the heck did they do to pass the time once the sun went down? I'm starting to get the shakes now. Wish me luck!