Even President Obama joked about being tired of "approving this message". Michael Rock, morning man has stated his feelings about his excitement for November 7th when these political advertisements won't infiltrate each and every medium. Am I the only loser that enjoys the ads?

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If I'm going to have to sit through commercials anyway, why not watch these slam sessions. It's not just the just the presidential election, I'm enjoying hearing what Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown will say about each other next. I've even grown attached to the Rhode Island races featuring Sheldon Whitehouse and Barry Hinckley. I don't even live in Rhode Island, but I found myself watching their live debate on television the other night. I loved watching the debates on TV this election season. I haven't seen this much fight since MTV's Celebrity Death Match.

Here's another reason I love them. I work in a field where advertisement is the bread and butter of this business. The more political races out there, the better we do. I love the competition. It makes me wish I had worked in the Don Draper days of Madvertising. Bring it on!

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