Several Massachusetts communities have been visited by what some are calling the "sex offender school bus" and police are warning area residents to be wary of the driver.

The white school bus decorated with multiple social-commentary bumper stickers and sunflower wrapping paper over the back windows is being driven by 65-year-old John J. Stangl and police are taking steps to inform the public about him and his living situation.

Stangl's bus has been spotted in Barnstable, Yarmouth and this morning in Taunton and every time he makes a stop, police take notice.

In fact police in Yarmouth took to Facebook to issue a warning to the community. They wrote,

“Please be vigilant. Level 3 Sex Offender John J. Stangl is a convicted felon and is legally registered as homeless in Hyannis. This is the vehicle that he uses and lives in and sometimes travels all over Cape Cod in.”

They also posted a photo of the bus Stagl drives.

That bus was seen as recently as this morning in Taunton at Morton Hospital on Washington Street and ABC6 was on the scene.

According to his Sex Offender Registry Board profile Stagl is six feet tall and weighs 300

John Stagl

pounds. He was convicted three times in 2008 of open, gross and lascivious behavior.

The Boston Herald found other Yarmouth police posting that say Stagl "“is not wanted by the police and is following all of the rules and laws regarding registering as a Sex Offender." He also “has the right to travel and drive anywhere and everyone should be reminded that he has the right to be free and no one should harass or intimidate him.”

Police are just making sure residents are aware of the bus and its driver and are warning people to simply stay clear of Stagl.

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