While the new 'Pokemon Go' game is getting people to explore their local communities, some players may also be abusing their communities.

On any given night in Fairhaven, Police Sgt. Kevin Kobza says you can find up to several hundred people gathered at Fort Phoenix playing the popular game on their phones. Kobza tells WBSM News there are several concerns. "There's a lot of trash left behind. There have been reports of a lot of people smoking marijuana down in that area," said Kobza. "As far as safety issues are concerned, some people are so engrossed in playing the game that they're not even paying attention to traffic. Some people have actually walked off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic."

Kobza says no accidents have taken place that he's aware of.

He says the park and the parking lot close at 10pm every night, but after visitors are told to leave, many sneak back in. Kobza says the craze over the app is actually costing taxpayers money, since the Police Department has had to staff an additional detail officer at Fort Phoenix after hours. "It's costing them more money in the form of overtime for the Police Department. And not to mention the trash removal and any repairs that may have to be made."

The detail officer began watching over the park Wednesday night.