Fort Phoenix Caretaker Discusses Pokémon Go Craze [VIDEO]
Fort Phoenix Caretaker Discusses Pokémon Go Craze [VIDEO]
Gary Lavalette is a volunteer caretaker at Fort Phoenix Beach State Reservation in Fairhaven, MA. The park has seen almost a year's worth of visitors in the last month due to the new Pokémon Go app. If you play Pokémon Go and visit Fort Phoenix to "Catch 'Em All," you can follow @NewBPokemon on Twitter to find out what Pokémon will be there and when...
The Original ‘Pokemon’ Theme is Back!
It was about 20 years ago when Jason Paige first recorded to original 'Pokemon' theme... You know the one I'm talking about, "Gotta Catch em All!" Alright, don't act like you didn't start singing it in your head! Anyway, 'Pokemon Go' has completely taken over the Southcoast and with that, Paige is back in the studio re-recording the theme...

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