A life-threatening situation unfolded on Monday at Daniel-Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jistu Self-Defense Academy in Northborough when a man collapsed during class.

Thanks to the quick response of two off-duty Plymouth police officers and one off-duty Bourne firefighter, the man’s life was saved.

The Plymouth Police Department shared the details of the intense scene that unfolded during the jiu-jitsu class.

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According to the department, Sergeant Donald Reddington, Detective David Ross, and Bourne firefighter Nick Robbins were training when one of their classmates, George, collapsed.

“The three thought George was having a seizure, but quickly realized it was much worse when his breathing stopped and there was no pulse,” said Plymouth PD.

Sergeant Reddington and Firefighter Robbins began to administer CPR while Detective Ross ran barefoot to a nearby gym where he located an Automated External Defibrillator (A.E.D.).

Detective Ross quickly ran back with the A.E.D. in hand and connected the lifesaving device to his teammate.

The three men continued to administer CPR and a cycle of shocks until Plymouth EMS arrived.

Thankfully, George regained his pulse and breath and was later able to speak with his friends and classmates who visited him at the hospital.

“The four men share an incredible bond due to their self-defense at Daniel-Grace Academy,” said Plymouth PD.

George later told the department, “Having Donnie Reddington give me lifesaving breaths is now certainly off my bucket list…Seriously, these guys saved my life…I don’t know I could ever repay them.”

Plymouth PD has awarded Sergeant Reddington and Detective Ross with the Department’s Life Saving Award.

Plymouth Police Department/Facebook
Plymouth Police Department/Facebook

“We are thankful that Firefighter Robbins was there with our officers,” added the department. “We have spoken with Boure Fire Chief David Cody who is aware of FF Robbins' save and will be commending him or his actions.”

Incredible work by all three gentlemen for their swift response. Thanks to their efforts, George gets a second chance at life.

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