A patron to Cabby Shack in Plymouth walked in to meet two people but has touched the hearts of so many more.

Monday evening, a gentleman walked into Cabby Shack and said he was meeting two friends. He ordered two beers and sat for a while, alone. He left, but not without leaving the beers along with photos of two men who lost their lives serving our country, and a note telling us who they were: Spc. Chris Harris and Sgt. Jon Hunter, killed in action on that very same date in August of 2017. Included in his message were two simple words: "Not forgotten."

When someone we love gives the ultimate sacrifice for their country, it is heartbreaking. The story from WBZ and featured on the Cabby Shack Facebook page reminds us of just how thankful we should all be that we live in this amazing country and for those heroes who fight to defend it.

I have a cousin, really he is more like my little brother, who technically could get deployed at any time. Every day we keep our fingers crossed that a phone call doesn't come telling him he is going to serve our country. At the same time, we know that our country needs people to protect it and he has chosen to make the sacrifice to do just that. Are we proud? Yes. Are we constantly worried? Also yes.

What's so amazing about this Cabby Shack story is that two men that we lost several years ago are being remembered not only by their fellow recruit but thousands of us who have been moved by this man's simple way of remembering his friends.

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