There's one item you need to avoid this back-to-school season parents...Playskool brand crayons.

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group that tests school supplies says these crayons have been found to contains trace amounts of asbestos.

There is no recall on these crayons, but Hasbro (the parent company of Playskool) is conducting a thorough investigation into these findings. The crayons manufacturer, Leap Year Publishing, is said to be doing the same according to The Washington Post.

The Playskool crayons in question are sold at Dollar Tree, Amazon and other retailers.

If you have started your back-to-school shopping and crayons were on the list, parents should double check that these were not the crayons they bought.

Again no recall is in place, but as U.S. PIRG toxins director Kara Conok-Schultz told the Post,

There is no reason to be exposing kids to a known carcinogen, especially in crayons

Carcinogens are considered to potentially cause cancer in living tissue according to, so really why take the risk with your kids if you don't have to.

Other back-to-school items U.S. PIRG found questionable were three-ring binders from Dollar Tree with high levels of phthalates and dry-erase markers were found to contain benzene, which is also considered a potential carcinogen.

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