New Bedford Public Schools are gearing up for back to school and it's not just the teachers putting in the extra time to make make sure schools are ready to welcome students back.

There are many steps the New Bedford public school system has been taking to welcome students back as safely as possible, taking all the precautions and following all the safety guidelines.

Teachers have been working frantically to organize their curriculum to complement a hybrid model that will allow at-home learning as well as classroom learning.

We don't want to forget those that work in the facilities department that are not only adjusting classrooms to adhere to social distancing but working around the clock to make sure Plexiglas is put in all the spaces that require closer human contact.

A recent post on the New Bedford Public School's Facebook page showcased the shop where facility workers are working hard to get these up in time for students to return to school.

As you can see, they are fabricating lots of Plexiglas to all the shapes and sizes needed for all different areas of the New Bedford schools.

We applaud their efforts to help keep our area kids safe as they venture back to school and can't thank them enough for putting in the extra hours.

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