Immediate dismissals are happening now at the East Fairhaven School as pipes have burst due to the extreme cold weather.

Fairhaven's Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Bob Baldwin, told Fun 107 that parents (and people on the emergency list) could begin to dismiss their children immediately in person. If in person dismissal is not possible, the students would be bussed home, but would only be allowed off the bus after eye to eye contact was made with a parent at the home. If no one is at home, the students will be bussed back to the school where they will spend the rest of the day in a warm, safe location until normal dismissal times.

Dr. Baldwin indicated that he believed that the East Fairhaven School would be open and running on a regular schedule tomorrow.

There were some minor heating issues in isolated parts of the Wood School in Fairhaven, as well, this morning. After some adjustments to the heating system, the Superintendent told Fun 107 that he personally walked the school to make sure the temperature was rising before giving the thumbs up to continue to the school day.

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