Yesterday I was the attempted victim of a phone scam that was pretty scary and could happen to anyone. Here's what to be aware of.

isolated woman hand holding phone with blue screen
Denys Prykhodov

Just around noontime the other day my cell phone rang with an 804 area code number. I didn't recognize it, but answered thinking it might be something for work...but it definitely wasn't.

The person on the other end of the line told me they were at the scene of an accident and asked me if I had a brother or husband who might be in the area of Benefit St in Providence.

Sine I knew my husband was working in that area, I said yes and what came next was scary.

car crash accident on street, damaged automobiles after collision in city

They claimed to be with a man who was hurt and had broken his jaw in the crash and couldn't speak.This "Good Samaritan" said he couldn't understand what the man was trying to tell him,so he gave him his phone and told him to call a loved one...parents, wife, sibling, etc.

I was the one he apparently called.

Though my heart leapt into my throat at the thought of my husband hurt in a car accident, I still was skeptical and asked the man to describe the vehicles and the man.

It was then that I really felt this call was fake.

I told him that didn't sound like my husband and that he must have the wrong person. He tried to convince me again, but eventually said okay and we hung up.

I of course called my husband right away and when he answered told him how happy I was to hear his voice and to know his jaw wasn't broken!

We eventually laughed at what had happened, but I couldn't help but wonder what this caller's end game might have been?

What would they have asked for if I really thought my husband had been hurt?

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