Cigarette smoke!  A new survey asked 1,000 Americans what smell they found to be most offensive, and more than 25% of people said cigarettes.

The other smells that round out the top five are also pretty disgusting...a full garbage can, a cat's litter box, mold and mildew, and a fish dinner.

I have to agree with the cigarette smoke, it is disgusting.  So if the majority of people agree with that, than I can't understand why people continue to smoke in places that bring in a lot of people at one time.  For example, this past weekend Country Fest at Gillette Stadium, the woman in front of me continuously lit up a butt and just blew smoke in everyone's faces without a care in the world.  The exact same thing happened to me at the Chris Brown show this past weekend...people in front of me smoking, blowing smoke in everyone's direction.  It's not only disgusting, but it's so rude.

Now, that you've probably got those nasty smells stuck in your nose, let's fix that by talking about what the best smells are!  Survey says, people enjoy the smell of spaghetti sauce, pot roast, clean sheets, homemade cookies (hopefully chocolate chip, my fave!) and coming in at number one, coffee!  More than 40% say they love waking up to the smell of coffee each morning, and I couldn't agree more!