Tom Brady has played 18 seasons in the NFL. This Sunday, No. 12 will suit up for his 13th AFC Championship game.

When you eliminate the season he tore his MCL/ACL in the very first quarter of the very first game, Brady has only missed making it to the AFC Championship game an astounding four times. Let me repeat that. In his entire NFL career, a healthy Tom Brady has only watched the AFC Championship game on TV four times. The rest of the time he's been busy playing in it.

The last time the Chiefs were playing this late in the season, President Clinton was at the beginning of his first term. Michael Jordan was still playing in the NBA. Drew Bledsoe was a rookie, and Mrs. Doubtfire was the biggest movie in America.

Listen to ABC6 Sports Director Nick Coit's prediction for how this huge game will play out by clicking the play button above.


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