Clearly the New England Patriots and Stop & Shop have a very good relationship. How else could they score these awesome delivery guys?

In recent weeks Stop & Shop has really ramped up promotion of their delivery service and new same day pick-up. And they did it with the help of some big name Patriots players.

First they announced that Julian Edelman would be making deliveries in the Boston area for Peapod shoppers and then they apparently got Gronk to hand out same day pick-up orders in Malden.

Can they take all this Patriots action closer to the SouthCoast please!?!

In the video Stop & Shop shared on Facebook, it sounds like Gronk even helped pick out the food he brought out to people's vehicles.

Sadly both of these promotions have already come and gone, but here's hoping Stop & Shop does another round of shameless Patriots promotion later this summer.

Of course that does mean we'd all have to order up some Peapod or same day pick-up orders all summer in the hopes that Gronk or Edelman would show up with our food, which could get real disappointing if it never happens.

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