A warning to parents about some "kids'" bookmarks that are being labeled as school appropriate. We are changing the names to protect the innocent.

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, "Amy from Somerset" decided to do something a little different with her sixth-grade twin girls. Because of allergy issues, the school has a very strict "no food" policy. Parents are not allowed to send in baked goods, candies, or food of any kind to prevent any allergic reactions.

Amy thought, "OK, no problem." Instead of sending the kids into school with the usual candies and Valentine's cards, she thought, "I'll send them in with something a little different.  It's good to shake it up, anyway."

Maybe pencils would stand out, or some bookmarks might be a nice touch. Nothing wrong with encouraging reading on Valentine's Day. Amy and the girls settled on bookmarks and found these advertised on Amazon.

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"They'll arrive on Thursday, so we'll be able to pack them up with some other things on Thursday night and send them into school on Friday," Amy thought.

Well, Amy's husband "Marco" just received the package from the UPS guy. Thankfully, he opened it and saw what was inside. In the 40-pack of Valentine's Day Magnetic Bookmarks FOR KIDS SCHOOL PRIZES and CLASSROOM REWARDS were five of these!

Notice anything inappropriate for school?

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Can you imagine if they had sent these bookmarks into school without looking at them first?

In what world are these marketed as KIDS' school bookmarks? You can't see the wording on the Amazon link. Only if you scroll the magnifying glass over the bookmark would you ever see the "sex" wording. Who would do that?

Thankfully, Amy and Marco caught this before these ended up in kids' Harry Potter books.

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