Everyone in my house is hating me today. I didn't let the kids stay up and watch the World Series last night because it's just too late!

Trust me, there's nothing more I'd rather do than watch the Red Sox in the World Series with my whole family. No one knows how much these World Series games should be valued. After all, I was a Sox/Patriots fan during the lean years. I cried my eyes out as a little kid when the ball went through Buckner's legs.

The problem is these 8 p.m. first pitches. They never start on time, and with all of the postseason pitching changes, you're looking at the game not ending until nearly midnight. I'm sorry, but I just can't look at myself in the mirror and call myself a responsible parent if my kids are staying up until midnight watching baseball.

It was pretty black and white for me, until Lisa from Marion called up and hit me in a soft spot. She outlined exactly why the kids need to stay up to watch the series. I've got to say, by the end of the phone call, I felt like I blew it, and that I made the wrong call.

I'm now considering letting my kids stay up tonight to watch at least part of the game. Chances are, they'll probably fall asleep on the couch, anyway. Like father, like son!


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