Poor Spencer the dog has been paralyzed in his back legs since he was just a puppy.

Spencer's vet seems to think he was paralyzed from either being abused or dropped, before his owner, Linda, found him.

Linda found him on her doorstep and it sounds like that was Spencer's lucky day, because she fell in love with him!

Even though he has never been able to walk like a regular dog, he's still "the happiest creature you'll ever meet" says Linda.  She says he's always begging to be picked up and carried around, and she wanted to change that for him, and give him the opportunity to walk!

She brought him to a medical facility that typical creates braces for humans, in hopes they could help Spencer and they did!  They made custom braces for Spencer, complete with some green Crocs and he was able to take his first steps on all four legs!  Way to go Spencer!  Check out the video here: