Who says those in love get to have all the fun on Valentine's Day? Put your headphones in and take over V-Day.

Valentine's Day is a day of love, not just here on the Southcoast but all around the country. Restaurants, jewelry stores, and florists are working at full speed to make a lasting impression on such a romantic day. It's a day to show compassion for your loved one, more than you would on any other day.

However, for those of us without one to call our own, Valentine's Day has a different meaning. For some it may mean self love, for others it reignites emotions of a past relationship. Some even come into the day opportunistic for what's to come in the future.

For all of you out there that fall into the many emotions that come with a single's Valentine's Day, we've assembled a playlist to tackle the day with. Whether you're looking for self-empowerment, or just a good cry on your way to work, put this playlist on shuffle and know that Valentine's Day is just another day of the week.

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