If you have been challenged with trying to find employment recently, you have probably polished your resumé and hopefully, you are adding a few new skills.

A handful of my close friends and family are currently seeking employment and have been asking me to take a peek at their resumés before they send them out. Let me make it perfectly clear, I am by no means a professional resumé builder, but I'm just lending a helpful eye.

Employers have had to shift some of their desired skills to include Zoom and Teams which are platforms that just about every major corporation is using to conduct business on a daily basis. So if you're not already, get yourself familiar with them, because you will be surprised which jobs now require experience with using them.

They also hope that you are savvy when it comes to creative thinking and getting work done from home in new ways.

I have even heard some employers wanting leadership skills as well. Why leadership skills? Working from home basically means you are your own boss and how tough you are on yourself to get the job done and use time management are extremely important.

Having had worked from home for months at the beginning of the pandemic, I can honestly say, it's not easy. It truly does take a whole new set of skills and really challenges your time management. There were days I worked from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and still didn't get it all done.

My advice as someone who has taken a peek at a few resumés and has had to look at lots of resumés when hiring is, to be honest. I know I was guilty of it when I first started my career, but now more than ever with most employers that allow you to work from home, you are being held accountable for your work.

Best of luck landing that job. Hopefully, this helped you add a few skills to that all-important section on your resumé.

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