Even these iconic local businesses couldn't survive the wildfire that was 2016, so here's one last farewell

This past year has been a whirlwind of emotions. From iconic celebrity deaths to heartbreaking news stories, it seemed like this year was built to pull at our heartstrings. Most of the painful news has been at a national scale, but in true 2016 fashion not even the Southcoast was safe. 2016 saw businesses closely tied into our lives and communities close their doors. Here is one final farewell to some of our favorite locations around the Southcoast.

Ma's Donuts; New Bedford: The first cut is always the deepest, but no one, or their stomachs, was ready for Ma's to say farewell.

Old Country Buffet; Dartmouth: Gazelle still hasn't recovered from this company closing their doors. Where else can we eat mashed potatoes endlessly?

EJ's Deli; Fairhaven: Luckily EJ's Restaurant is still open, but it still doesn't feel right pulling into the parking lot and not seeing the lights of the deli on

Flagship Cinema; New Bedford: Home to a lot of our awkward dates during our teens, Flagship unfortunately

Kool Moose Cafe; Fairhaven: We had to say goodbye to our neighbor this year. A favorite for everyone in the studio, we still can't bring this up when Michael is around.

Hallmark Store, Ruby Tuesday & Gap; Dartmouth Mall: They say death comes in three's, which was apparent when these stores said goodbye to our local shopping mall. (if anyone knows where the closest salad bar is let us know)


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