We've all been there. Thinking about going to another long boring church service where we are silently judged by others. There is now one pastor that is making his congregation think a little differently, while getting the same kind of spiritual experience. 

Tony Crank is the senior pastor at the One Love Church in Eugene, Oregon. According to KVAL, he's switching up how church service goes, at least his.

The new philosophy at Crank's church - "Church Sucks." Yes, you heard that correctly. He says that some churches have become the type of place where you "point the finger" and "condemn." He thinks that too many churches are focused on sin, and not other things.

So what exactly is he changing?

  • Shorter services (only about 30 minutes long)
  • Incorporating modern and contemporary worship songs, and even including pop music on occasion from artists like Maroon 5 and Katy Perry.
  • He will not "preach" at you. He wants to simply have a conversation with you.

Unfortunately it won't be all fun and games at Crank's church. He says it will also have its share of sucky moments. But at least for now, church doesn't quite suck for his congregation.