Dude, how rude!

I have heard some appalling things this week about you and your fantasy football league, and I am now offended.

You stopped by all sweet and innocent saying you were waiting for one more guy to confirm he was in your league so all the teams would be complete. I tell you that I play fantasy football too and if you need another person to play would be interested and you act like this is all news to you.

Well I have found you out and you are a fibber!

Another player in your league (whom I will not throw under the bus in this letter) informed me that TWO weeks ago he let you know that I used to play fantasy football in a league with him and I was pretty good. And your response was...

"We don't have girls in our league."

What the what!!!!!

I'm sure you think that as a woman I'm not really a fan of football. That I don't really watch football, I just watch the Patriots. And only because I think Tom Brady is cute. Well you are flat out WRONG!

I am a legit fan. I watch all the games I can during football season. Thursday, Sunday, Monday, you name it. If the NFL has a game on, I am probably watching it. And enjoying it! And understanding what I am watching!!!

I'm not your bedazzled pink jersey wearing female football fan. I'm not just watching to make my husband happy. In fact my husband HATES football. I have to convince him to watch with me. And I've usually watched so much football that by Sunday night I am begged to please watch something else!

I really LOVE football!! And I deserve a spot in your league!

Now as what I hope will be the first female to break your ridiculous fantasy football glass ceiling I can promise you that I will do my research before our draft date. I'll have my main guys in mind, my sleeper picks up my sleeve and I'll make my adjustments each and every week to get the best result from my players. I mean business!!!

I know I'm completely pressuring you to let me in your league and I supposed I can suck it up if you still want to keep me out. You won't be the first. I've had several male friends in fantasy football leagues together that consistently deny me the ability to play in their league simply because I'm a girl .

You are not the first to discriminate in this way and I'm sure you won't be the last. But you can set an example for other league commissioners out there denying real female football fans the right to make their football watching a little more exciting by having a vested interest in more games with a fantasy football team to think about.