With the possibility of another championship coming to Boston, it seems fitting that the city's long time mayor, Thomas Menino delivers...

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...another sports blunder! Today, Mayor Menino told reporters that he hopes the Red Sox win the "World Series Cup."

It's presumed that the mayor was referring to the Commissioner's Trophy, which will be award to the winner of the upcoming World Series between the Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals. The Boston Bruins, have, of course, played for the Stanly Cup, which is the top prize in hockey.

Menino's famous flubs have included references to "KJ and Hondo" (Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo), Wes Weckler (Wes Welker), a great guy in Vince Willcott (Vince Wilfork), Gonk and Grabowski (he meant Gronkowski), and "Varitek splitting the uprights (Adam Vinateri did that, not Jason Varitek of the Red Sox).

The Boston mayor is now in his 5th and final term.  He is not running for re-election. So there may not be too many more famous sports blunder sound bites out of Boston City Hall.