I am convinced that animals bring out the best in people, and wholesome goodness was on full display when a Good Samaritan in Onset started a chain of events that reunited a young owlet with its mother.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources was happy to share this heartwarming story on Facebook about a young screech owl that was found Wednesday evening.

The Good Samaritan’s dog found the tiny owl, unable to fly, on the side of the road in Onset. The Good Samaritan sought out a Wareham Police officer to help with the situation.

“Officer Gomes was able to remove the owlet from the road and notified WDNR,” wrote the Wareham Department of Natural Resources. The WDNR officer was unable to locate the nesting area, but instead of giving up, the officer took the owl home for the evening.

The officer returned Thursday morning, thoroughly searching the area for any sign of a nest. He managed to narrow down a potential area and called upon the Onset Fire Rescue to assist in this wholesome reunion.

The WDNR officer was hauled up on the OFD bucket truck, controlled by Chief Jeffrey Osswald, and amongst the tree branches, came face to face with the mother in her nest.

Wareham Department of Natural Resources/Facebook
Wareham Department of Natural Resources/Facebook

“The officer attempted to get the name of the owlet from the mother,” wrote the WDNR, “But she kept replying ‘who?’”

The smile on the officer’s face and the effort put in by everyone involved just proves even further that animals bring out the best versions of ourselves.

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