If you are looking for a meaningful way to get involved with the community, there is a heartwarming event coming to Onset that will bring a smile to those who need it most.

For the first time, the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) will host a community partnership on July 31st at Onset Bay Center that will give children who are looking to be adopted a chance to advocate for themselves.

The event is perfect for anyone who has expressed curiosity about foster care or simply getting involved in nonprofit organizations that support kids in foster care.

Mary Nogueras is the outreach and support coordinator for Black and Latino
Adoptive families and she's excited to give a voice to the children of the SouthCoast and to provide a safe environment for learning and support.

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Nogueras is the first person to ever hold this role for MARE and she wanted to do something different for the community when it comes to getting children into permanent homes.

“There are all of these adults recruiting for these kids and we try to find them families (that) we think they want. This event allows them to network and voice what they want and what they need in life,” she said.

Nogueras’s vision is to bring the community together one town at a time. Her inaugural event on the 31st will host kids' activities like arts and crafts and face painting while adults in the community have conversations about foster care and adoption.

Nogueras’s nonprofit organization, The Gifted Crate, will also be on-site to put special birthday packages together for children in foster care.

“I am hoping to bring awareness and open that line of communication with the community that these kids need us,” said Nogueras.

Let’s show up for the people that need us most, and right now, these children need us.

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