One of my best friends is getting married in July of 2019. She and her fiancé decided on a Friday wedding, early afternoon. They have their own personal reasons for choosing that specific date, but I’m sure a lot of people would question why they chose a weekday as opposed to a Saturday.

“According to The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study, 7 in 10 weddings take place on Saturday.”

I’d like to make a case for weekday / Sunday weddings, even though I haven’t been to one (yet).

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    Off-Day Weddings are Cheaper

    Let’s just start with what is arguably the biggest factor in planning a wedding - the COST. Hosting your big day on a Saturday means expensive prices for EVERYTHING on a day that is high in demand. On a weekday or Sunday, these prices might decrease (a bit), making your Pinterest-worthy wedding a greater possibility. That means cheaper rates for a venue, photographer, videographer, photo booth, that DJ you’ve always wanted, etc.

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    Get Creative with the Amount of Time You Have

    A Friday wedding might mean starting later, giving everyone enough time to make it to the ceremony. Or maybe everyone takes the day off from work if possible, and starting earlier in the day gives you more time to space things out. Either way, you and your guests are prepared for a full night of dancing, and 48 hours to recover. Hallelujah!

    Maybe you and your fiancé decide to host your wedding on a Sunday, and agree that an earlier ceremony means brunch and mimosas instead of a full dinner meal. Not only does this cut costs, but it’s something different that many guests aren’t used to seeing and may enjoy the laid-back event.

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    You Can Make it As BIG or Small as You’d Like

    Maybe you aren’t the biggest fan of the spotlight and only want to share your day with a small group. Hosting a weekday or Sunday wedding guarantees that your closest family and friends will be there (no matter what day, time or season). This means a more intimate setting for you and your loved ones. If more than just your inner circle can make it, great! If not, you won’t be heartbroken #SorryNotSorry

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