Seems even after his presidency, Martha's Vineyard is one of Obama's favorite vacation spots.

The former president and first lady were spotted back on Martha's Vineyard Monday night and people were freaking out.

There was a serious crowd outside of every restaurant the couple went to in the last couple of days...and it seems the restaurants couldn't be happier.

The pair's first stop of the season was at The Cardboard Box and to say people are missing the Obamas may be an understatement...

It was as if a rockstar was on the Vineyard, people were literally lining the streets to get a glimpse.

And the former first couple's trip doesn't seem to be over yet.

According to The Martha's Vineyard Times, the pair arrived on the Vineyard on Saturday and their stay could last through the rest of August.

So if you were planning an end of summer trip out to the Vineyard yourself, expect some large crowds. And possibly chants of "Obama, Obama!"

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