A lot of brides these days are opting for more non-traditional details on their big day- including skipping the flower bouquet!   The idea of carrying flowers down the aisle originated way back in medieval times. Since bathes were thought of as "unhealthy", brides carried flowers to help them smell nice.  Other stories say the flowers were carried to ward off bad luck or evil spirits.   In either case, this is 2014 and those reasons aren't particularly necessary.  Heck, you may not want to carry flowers, and that's okay. Here are some great twists on an age-old tradition.

Brooch Bouquets.  Whether its a collection of brooches from the women in your life or strategically picked jewels to go with your wedding theme- this bouquet will surely bring the sparkle.


Non-flowering Plants.   With mint green being so popular these days, its no wonder that a bouquet made of succulents even exists. Bouquets made of pine cones are a thing, too.


Ribbon Bouquets.  What easier way to pull in all of the exact colors you're looking for?  Shaped into tiny flowers, this bouquet still has the look and shape of a bouquet without the painstaking hours of picking out the flowers.


Button Bouquet.  The perfect piece to compliment any crafty bride.  Ditto for the yarn-flower bouquets.


Feather Bouquets.  Feathers became popular details over the last few years (feather hair extensions, anyone?) and were use merely for detail.  With a feather bouquet, you can go as simple or exotic as you'd like.  Choose from long, striking pheasant feathers to bright jewel-toned peacock feathers and everything in between.

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