It’s that time of year when beautifully labeled postage lands in my mailbox and wedding invitations become artwork among the magnets on my fridge.

I am in my Wedding Guest Era and I love it, but I'm beginning to think I have seen it all when it comes to the big day.

From black-tie formal to laid-back casual. From slabs of stained wood replacing a generic guest book to doughnut walls instead of a traditional cake. Is there any “trend” that has yet to be done in the world of weddings?

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Don’t get me wrong. I adore love stories and will always jump on the opportunity to celebrate two people in love. I’m just saying I feel like I’ve seen it all.

Until the latest invitation that showed up in my mailbox.

A request on the invitation caught my attention, and if this is a new trend for the upcoming wedding season, I’m a big fan.

'Kind Color Restrictions'

Carefully wrapped with a beautiful bow, the wedding invitation included an insert dedicated to attire.

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It read, “To create a warm and cohesive look for our wedding, we kindly encourage that you wear attire in shades of brown. From light tan to rich chocolate, any variation is welcome.”

A color palette for wedding guests is a first experience for me and I absolutely love the idea.

Is This a New Wedding Trend?

With each passing wedding season, it feels like weddings are becoming more and more casual. I am in favor of keeping weddings a luxurious and elegant experience. Color coordination among guests adds that extra layer of elegance to the special day and it also avoids any “loud” choices in attire from guests.

Not all wedding trends stick but consider this is my endorsement for color-coordinated wedding guests.

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