Despite the fact that you may have been seeing an article from last year floating around, there have not been any confirmed shark sightings in Westport this year. 

This one even dupped us. We saw an article from WCVB Boston making the rounds on Facebook in the past week. Normally, old articles aren't a big deal or are very clearly marked as old. However, this one stood out because the headline reads, "Two Sharks Spotted Off Popular Mass. Beach" and given how many sharks have been seen off of Nauset Beach and in Rhode Island, it's not totally unthinkable that there could be some lurking here on the SouthCoast.

However, please note that the WCVB Boston article is from the archive and from LAST SUMMER. There have been no confirmed (or unconfirmed) shark spottings this year off of Horseneck or Gooseberry.

That's not saying that our toothy-friends aren't there - we have 200 lb. seals swimming just 20 feet off the beach pretty regularly - but there are still no confirmed shark sightings. But remember...just because we don't see them, doesn't mean they're not there! And the rule of thumb is if their food is here (those meaty seals!) so are they.

If you're like me and a total ocean geek, you can download the Shark Spotter app called 'Sharktivity' and keep an eye on tagged sharks yourself. It's actually very cool.


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