The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shared drone footage that shows how close a SUP got to a shark off the beach yesterday. 

According to the post, the paddleboarder was completely unaware of the Great White lurking just below the surface of the water. But from an aerial perspective, you can see it perfectly.

The AWSC said put it best:

'Close encounter of a peaceful kind' - Yesterday morning Cody DeGroffcaptured these amazing photos of a white shark near a SUP just north of Nauset public beach. The paddle boarder did not see the shark.

I can imagine that if you're the person on the board it's much nicer to be blissfully unaware then it is to see the shadow and start to panic.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservatory works hard on researching, tracking, and educating the public on how to co-exist in the ocean with our toothy friends. You can learn more or donate to their latest fundraiser by following them on Facebook.

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