It's not every day you get to be interviewed by a nine-year-old.

It was last week sometime when I received a phone call from a good friend of mine, Hannah, who had an odd request (so she claimed) for me.

Her nine-year-old son, Ben Galego of Fairhaven, is a student over at the Wood School where Michael Rock's wife teaches (shout out to Mrs. Rock). School gets back in session this week for most kids, although some have already had their first day.

Ben's assignment was to find someone who was an influential voice in the SouthCoast community and thought it would be fun to pick my brain with a few questions that he came up with himself.

Every morning, Ben and his mom listen to Fun 107 and enjoy tuning into the Rock & Fox Show with Michael Rock and Christine Fox. Ben was very intrigued about what I do on the show, more so the producing element, and asked his mom to reach out to me.

"He has a cool job and he might be interesting to talk to," Ben told his mother.

Well, we arranged to meet at the local McDonald's in Fairhaven to sit down and chat, and right off the bat I could tell he was a little nervous. I ensured him that I was a "cool dude" and that we could split some Chicken McNuggets together after the interview.

After nailing down our own secret "best friend handshake" and successfully finishing the interview, I got us a solid 20-piece nugget box to split. Ben chose BBQ sauce for his dipping choice, I went with the sweet and sour, and it was an awesome ending to his school project.

To Ben: It was awesome meeting you and I hope I gave you enough information to at least give you an "A." To whoever is Ben's teacher, I can attest that he was extremely professional while asking his questions and most certainly brought a smile to my face.

Kudos, kid.

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