It's been a long, bitter two weeks in Foxboro. The coffee at the Dunkin' on Route 1 may have needed a few extra sugars for the players stopping there before practice.

Losing heading into the bye week is never easy, but Nick Coit thinks that it may be just what the doctor ordered as they head into what will inarguably be the toughest part of their regular season schedule.

"I always think that a loss during the season is a good thing," he said. "I think there's motivation to bounce back, come back and play well especially for the defense. Finally this year we saw the defense have a performance that was lackluster – especially from the stars."

As far as the Eagles are concerned, Nick thinks that the Patriots are just going to be worried about themselves and getting their offense rolling.

"We saw flashes of it against the Ravens, and this week it looks like N'Keal Harry might play," he said. "He may be active for this game, and I wonder what the rookie does for (the Patriots) going forward."

Coit laughed when we asked him about the "47" number that Alex Guerrero threw out to the media this week. Tom Brady has always talked about playing football at the age of 45.

"There's been signs that maybe he hangs them up after this season, so I'm not sure," Coit said. "I think he's just taking it has it comes. The way his tone has been, though, I wonder if (retirement) is after this season.

Coit is predicting a close game, but a game where the Patriots bounce back, motivated from the loss.

NICK's PICK: Patriots 21.  Eagles 17.

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