Philly Fans Gone Wild [VIDEOS]
Some of the best advice I've ever received was no matter what life throws you, "act like you've been there before."  After their team won their first Super Bowl last night the  Philadelphia Eagles fans did not act like they've been there before...
Crazy Burger Creation
I read this earlier today and thought I would share with you all.
A restaurant in Philly has created a new menu item available for a limited time. PYT, home of America's craziest burgers, is now offering the PB&J Beef Burger and here’s what’s on it: a chee…
Selena Gomez
As the father of an 8 year old girl, let me say "THANK YOU, Selena Gomez." It is so refreshing to see a young, talented female singer refusing to dress trashy to sell more records and concert tickets. Watch what Selena said at her concert in Philly this week...
Big Tipper
Taylor Swift has certainly seen her share of press, both positive and negative. But, today its a MAJOR positive.

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