The weekend has arrived and the Super Bowl crowd is making their way to the big game.

A good friend of mine, Aaron Couto, was on his way to the when he noticed a mixture of Patriots and Eagles sports apparel sprinkled throughout the flight. It was at that moment when he realized his lay-over was sure to be an interesting one. Boy, was he right.

Couto was on his way to the Bahamas when he was told he had a layover flight to Philidelphia first. That's when he whipped out his phone and went to filming.

Now picture this... If there was fighting and arguing before the game even happened, can you imagine the flight back from Minnesota? You're squished between the tension of two teams who fought for so long through support and love for their city, there's no way it's going to be a silent flight. It's bad enough that you have one guy in the video up front beckoning another passenger to stand up as if to say- "Put your money where your mouth is." The 10-second video shows only a glimpse of the pot-stirring.

Two East-Coast teams + one championship + bragging rights + high tensions + loaded emotions = One giant apocalyptic scream-fest/possibly treacherous airline ticket back to reality.

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