"And the Eagles are Super Bowl 52 Champions!" - It was at that moment when a local Patriots' fan knew he was screwed.

A New Bedford man (whose name will be left anonymous) stayed true to his promise. The bet was simple: If the Patriots lost against the Eagles, he had to strip down to his underwear and run up and down the streets of New Bedford.

It was a challenge he had to shamefully accept and he did so with no complaints. Luckily for him, the temperatures were in the 40's and I'm sure a good "beer buzz" helped him overcome the semi-cold night.

A good friend of mine, Kurt Fontaine, made sure he captured the "streak" on camera to ensure the bet was followed through in its entirety without backing out or cheating.

That being said, I'll leave you, the reader and soon to be viewer of this video, to watch "Mr. Anonymous" strut his stuff up a dark New Bedford street (also to be left anonymous to protect the residence location of the camera-man and the streaker) in solid strides as he protects his word and his pride.

He may be skinny, but the man has a lot of "pizzazz" and "chutzpah" to take on the city streets in his cuecas.

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