When you think of who'd be the biggest One Direction ladies' man, Harry Styles immediately comes to mind, right? Not for the band themselves! The boys in 1D are saying another guy in the band is actually the best kisser and the smoothest with the ladies: Niall Horan!

Bandmate Louis Tomlinson told We Love Pop (via Entertainment Wise), "Niall's the best kisser in the band!"

Horan was modest, pointing out, "Dunno. I've never kissed myself."

"Niall Horan's actually a secret ladies' man, he gets about, bless him," Liam Payne confirmed. Tomlinson agreed, "Yeah, he is a bit of a secret ladies' man."

Payne explained Horan's wiles: "He's just too cute so you don't see it coming." Harry Styles joked, "I get all the flack!"

You've been warned, girls!