If you're in the real estate market for a house and are also a fan of the New Kids on the Block, then boy do I have the combo deal of the century.

Growing up, NKOTB members Jordan and Jonathan Knight resided at 10 Melville Avenue in Dorchester Center. The Knight Family ran it as a group home for teenagers and given the size of the house, it was a perfect fit with all "The Right Stuff."

The house is currently posted as for sale for $1.8 million on Zillow, but be advised going into this bid that this house is a fixer-upper that's going to require a lot of work and T.L.C. As of late, it was being used to hold religious and community services.

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Built back in 1880, this 23-room, 6,000-plus-square-foot house is the perfect domain for either multiple families or someone who needs a lot of space to wander. The driveway fits up to 10 vehicles and there's an old carriage house set back on the property line behind the house that can easily be transformed into a storage unit.

With a whopping 35,000 square feet of land, you'll be able to separate yourself from the surrounding residents with a bit of privacy in between. Again, you'll need to repair a couple of rooms and floors due to a water pipe burst that took out a good chunk of the place, but having it play such a key part in the history of NKOTB, it practically sells itself.

Sure, the asking price right now is just shy of $2 million, but if you are "Hangin' Tough" long enough, you might be able to see a reduction in price for this old Victorian. Just be sure to take the whole home-buying process "Step by Step."

Own a Piece of New Kids on the Block History

The Dorchester house where New Kids on the Block Jordan and Jonathan Knight grew up is currently posted as for sale for $1.8 million on Zillow, but be advised this house is a fixer-upper. You'll have to be "Hangin' Tough" and take the repairs "Step by Step," provided you've got "The Right Stuff" to renovate it.

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