This weekend was another reminder that I am a serious rookie when it comes to being a homeowner. I will have a completely empty living room for the next few days after making this silly mistake.

You know you’re getting older when purchasing a new couch brings you joy and excitement. My fiancé and I did some “adulting” and scheduled our new couch to be dropped off on Sunday. We thought it would be a smart idea to get our wood floors cleaned before the new furniture arrived.

Saturday morning, Ross and I welcomed our friend Greg over to buff and polish our floors.

“This shouldn’t take long,” he said. “You can safely walk on it in socks later tonight.”

“Great,” Ross said. “Just in time for our couch delivery tomorrow."

Greg gave us a look that said, “How do I break this to them?”

“Sorry, guys, but you can’t have anything on the floor for the next 48-72 hours. You have to let the water-based polish set," he said.

Ross and I looked at each other and let out a simultaneous, “Doh!”

We felt so silly. You would think it is common sense to wait on putting heavy items down on a freshly painted floor but think again. It went right over our heads.

Luckily, we were able to reschedule the delivery of our couch, and for the next few days, we will have a completely empty living room. With heavy snowfall in the future, it looks like we have a pretty boring snow day ahead of us.

The moral of the story is, as a new homeowner, be prepared to learn as you go, and hopefully, you don’t make too many costly mistakes.

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